Deliver Us From Evil by Daniel Reed

A New Approach to World War II Novels

51kxMdquFhL._AA240_.jpgFresh onto the scene comes Daniel Reed's "Deliver Us From Evil" in 2006. If you're into World War II Novels and have an open mind, this may be the next read for you!

Reed's book has your usual essential "good guys" and "bad guys," including actual Nazis and Americans, but this time the story takes place closer to home, in America. Nestled safely in the wild lands of Colorado during the high point of World War II in 1943, the Carsons take pride in their ranch and good ole fashion values. While they know danger lurks across seas as American boys fight to free those under the hand of the Nazi regime, they don't realize that Nazi attack is also in their own backyard.

While father and mountain man Jack Carson leaves on a hunting trip with eldest son, Wade, the other two children Josh and Cassie are surprised one day to be greeted by a dozen desperate Nazi POWs (Prisoners of War) from nearby Camp Trinidad, with "PWs" labeled prominently on their clothing. These men aren't looking for mercy, they're looking for revenge. As the POWs take the children hostage and head for the Mexican border, they face many hurdles that test their German heritage and duties as German citizens. While Colonel Von Toth leads the pack of POWs and uses his uncanny gun skills to make progress, he must face an ultimatum regarding life, duty, and honor.

Colonel Von Toth is not the only character in this novel that must debate the question of honor. Young German, Georg, must debate whether to follow through on the orders he receives from the Colonel, or rebel and secretly help the Carson family members at any chance he can. His secret admiration for the Carson daughter Cassie makes his decision that much harder as he puts not only himself, but the Carsons at risk of death at any given moment.

As some people survive, and some don't, this fast moving novel keeps you on your toes from page to page. With a vast array of characters, concrete setting, new perspectives on World War II and life-lessons of honor and duty, this novel is definitely a keeper in the world of education under the teaching and exploration of The Holocaust and history as we know it.
" 'I could do no other than what I've done! You think I've no heart? Well, you're right. I lost what heart I had to an American P-47 in the deserts of North Africa. All I have to live for now is defending our glorious Fatherland. Have you anything in your miserable lives so glorious to live for as that?' He waited for an answer, then said, 'I doubt that you do' " (Reed 55).

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About the Author Daniel Reed

While Daniel Reed is new to the scene, he has two other books under his belt for reading in the YA Lit category. Daniel Reed is a middle school teacher in western Canada where he lives with his wife and two children. He has a heart for reading and a lifelong interest in World War II. Information on Daniel Reed is scarce due to his fairly recent impact as an author and high values of a private life.

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By Ashley Stein
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